Which banks for an agricultural loan?

Are you planning to settle down as a breeder, viticulturalist or cultivator? If banks offer many financing solutions to support you in your installation, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. To find the right solution for your agricultural project, call on an agricultural loan broker. Note that AGEF Finance Courtage, professional credit broker in Rennes, Saint-Malo, Vitré, Vannes and Ploërmel, is at your disposal.


Farmers, how to finance your installation?

Farmers, how to finance your installation?

To finance the purchase of land or buildings, Fine Bank offers an installation program in six facets: professional offer, personal benefits, account management combined with real monitoring, tools for develop activity, anticipation of “hard knocks” and the means to exchange and share experience. Yes Mutual Credit, for its part, offers a solution for short-term liquidity needs. The Agridispo loan, considered as a cash advance, makes the link between expenditure and aid receivable. The release of funds is done in several installments, and the rate can be fixed or variable. Note that Happyhands Bank has a similar offer, called the AGRIFLEX Overdraft, intended to finance current cash needs or a specific and determined need.


What solutions for financing equipment?

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Essential for running a farm, agricultural equipment can be financed in different ways depending on the banking establishment. For the purchase of new or used agricultural equipment, the loan from Yes Mutual Credit Actimat is offered by most equipment dealers. The entire purchase can thus be financed over several years, with a reimbursement delayed by a few months, the time to generate the fruits of its investment. 


Have you thought about subsidized agricultural loans?

Have you thought about subsidized agricultural loans?

State aid, subsidized loans have the main advantage of offering much lower rates than the average loan. In addition, the period of time before depreciation allows you to start more serenely. Agrinet Credit offers, for example, the subsidized regulated medium-term special young farmers loan (MTS-JA), granted as part of a Personalized Professionalization Plan. For a maximum of five years, the State pays part of the interest on the loan, and the interest rate on the MTS-JA loan is 1% or 2.5% during this period.


Trust the expertise of AGEF Finance Courtage

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Looking for an agricultural credit broker? Wondering which farmer’s best bank is and what rate you can get for your farm loan? With its experience and expertise, AGEF Finance Courtage, registered with the Arias as a Broker in banking operations, advises and supports you in your agricultural project. After analyzing your needs, we offer you suitable solutions. We also take care of the selection of the bank which meets your objectives and we negotiate the best conditions for you. Do you want your banking procedures to be made easier? So don’t wait any longer and come and meet us.

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