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Twitter will choose users for monetization offers


A “small group” of users will be chosen by Twitter manage the new monetization offers for the social media platform: Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows, The edge reported.

Ticketed Spaces allows users to set fees ranging from $ 1 to $ 999 for access to a social audio room, while also providing users with additional features such as setting a room size limit, depending on The report. Offer can be used on Android and iOS.

Additionally, Super Follows allows users to set a monthly fee of $ 9.99, $ 4.99, or $ 2.99 to view exclusive content, the report says. Offer is limited to iOS.

In the beginning, those who participate in the test group will keep 97% of the funds they generate with either of these offers after the fees charged by Android or iOS for in-app transactions.

However, Twitter will increase its fees from 3% to 20% in the event that a user “earns a total of $ 50,000 on both systems,” in the words of The Verge.

PYMNTS reported in early June that Twitter was testing full-screen ads on its new Fleets feature, as the company aims to expand its collection of advertising tools and increase ad revenue.

Fleet announcements, which serve as “full screen billboards”, will be deployed as a pilot with a select group of advertisers. A limited group of users in the United States will be able to see the ads initially, as reported at the time.

“We know from research that over 75% of people say they like ads in this format, and among those who use fleets, 73% of people say they browse what other people share,” said Justin Hoang and Austin Evers said in a statement. early June blog post for Twitter. “We also believe that ads should be non-intrusive and deliver value to people.



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