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SH School Sports Facility Upgrades Set To Begin Spring 2022 | Local News


Residents of the South Haven Public School District will soon see significant improvements to buildings and athletic facilities, with voters passing a $ 34.85 million bond issue in May.

School officials initially plan to make various upgrades to the sports facilities, according to District Superintendent Kevin Schooley.

“Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2022,” Schooley said.

The upgrades will include additional fencing for softball and baseball fields; replacement of tennis courts and lighting; grading, drainage and irrigation improvements to the soccer fields on the Aylworth property; rebuild the runway at Ratcliffe Field; barrier-free washrooms for high school baseball and softball fields and tennis courts; replacement of bleachers at Ratcliffe Field and modernization of Arkins Fieldhouse.

As improvements to sports facilities continue into the spring of 2022, changes may be expected for spring sports events and schedules.

“While careful planning is focused on reducing disruption to the programs that typically use our sports facilities, we will have to adjust in one form or another,” said Schooley.

The bulk of the sports upgrades are expected to be completed by the time the 2022-2023 school year begins in September 2022.

“In unforeseen circumstances it is difficult to give a precise completion date, but our goal is to have a large part of the initial projects ready for fall 2022,” said Schooley. “The football fields at the Aylworth property can be a bit more complicated due to the time it takes to establish a quality playing surface.”

The bond issuance project also includes the improvement of school buildings and the relocation of the administrative office and bus garage from the Green Street district to the old Armory building on Aylworth Avenue, which will be renovated to adapt to changes. However, upgrades to the sports facilities and the armory building will continue first due to issues related to COVID-19.

“When determining the construction schedule, a number of factors were taken into account, which led Ratcliffe, the Aylworth property and high school sports venues – baseball, softball and tennis – to top the list. “said Schooley. Factors affecting the construction schedule included national supply chain issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, high window bids, and subsequently discussing these issues with stakeholders involved in the upgrades. .

As the sports facilities improve, the district will also begin the design phase of the improvements to Lincoln, Maple Grove and North Shore Elementary Schools in January 2022, with construction scheduled to begin in the spring of 2023. Subsequent upgrades will also be expected. brought to Baseline Middle School and South Haven High School as well.

Improvements to school facilities follow:

Lincoln Elementary School: Upgrades include improved sidewalks, increased ventilation, roofing, exterior doors and frames, boiler replacement, emergency generator, and air purification systems.

Maple Grove Elementary School: The upgrades would include paving, increased ventilation, roofing, replacement of some flooring, an air purification system, an emergency generator, expansion of the parking lot and replacement of the boiler, water heater and air handling unit.

North Shore Elementary School: Upgrades include moving the main office closer to the main entrance to the school to provide greater security and converting the current office into a learning space, an emergency generator, upgrading the fire alarm system, paving the parking lot, replacing the boiler and water heater and adding an air purification system.

Basic Middle School: Building improvements include replacement of ceilings, reconfiguration of parking lot, modernization of roof and windows, replacement of boiler and water heater, reconfiguration of learning space to provide a separate room for the orchestra (when the school was built in 1992, the orchestra, smaller at the time, shared space with the choir (currently the orchestra rehearses in a former domestical economy).

South Haven High School: Upgrades include roof replacement, upgrades to heating and cooling equipment in the Listiak Auditorium, air purification systems, additional rear parking lot lighting and creation of a health room in the main office.