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Seneca County commissioners move forward with capital projects


Tiffin, Ohio— The Seneca County Board of Commissioners continued work on the county’s local capital project priority list and indicated varying levels of support for several projects.

On March 10, County Administrator Stacy Wilson provided an information package to commissioners, including the county administration team’s priority capital project recommendations. Wilson worked with county staff to rank and prioritize capital project requests. Over the past few weeks, commissioners have continued their search for the lists.

The priority list ranks approximately 35 capital project requests. The list was created after Wilson and County Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Supervisor John Logsdon submitted 114 project applications to the commissioners. Of the 114, 68 had price estimates over $15 million. On Thursday, commissioners discussed plans for the top 10 projects on the county administration’s list of capital project recommendations.

Top priority on the list is a new Agricultural Services building. The commissioners each indicated their support for the project and agreed to move forward with a preliminary study, drawings and more detailed price estimates with RCM Architectes.

The ballpark estimate for the project is around $2.5 million.

The council also showed unanimous support for projects No. 2 and 4 on the list, both of which were requested by the county engineer’s office. The projects would see the county garage’s emergency power supply replaced while a ventilation system would be added. The power supply is a 1940’s unit that has become unusable. The ventilation system will provide a safer environment by filtering out harmful toxins. The expected cost for both projects is approximately $72,000. Commissioners also accepted a small digitization project estimated to cost approximately $39,000 on behalf of the Juvenile and Probate Court. This project would help free up space in county buildings by digitizing records.

The council also indicated support for a duct cleaning project in the RTA, County Services Building, Justice Center Annex and County Jail and Sheriff’s Office.

Duct cleaning would help improve air quality in older county buildings, creating a safer environment for county employees and residents.

Commissioners also supported the advancement of projects 6 through 10, which include upgrading the locks at the Seneca County Youth Center (approximately $30,000), panels for the interior of the County Services Building (approximately $5,000) and three projects at the Seneca County Museum. The signage project would follow the ongoing work to replace the wall/entrance to the health department.

Proposed projects at the museum include rewiring the building and improving lighting, adding an air conditioning and dehumidification system to better preserve historic artifacts, and converting the ballroom’s HVAC unit. du Fort to a gas system to increase efficiency. For the work at the museum, the commissioners agreed to spend $7,600 on a preliminary study to get better cost estimates for the projects.

The commissioners agreed to continue working on the rest of the list. In the coming weeks, financial credits should be considered to advance the 10 projects officially discussed on Thursday.

In another action, former Seneca Parks Superintendent Roland Zimmerman shared information with commissioners about how a Seneca County resident helped make flint the state gem of the state. Ohio.

Harry L. Sheely came to the County Park Board in 2002 to inquire about the possibility of exhibiting his collection of over 50 samples of geological formations found in the United States. He then presented his collection of flint found in Ohio to Zimmerman. In 1965, Sheely was one of four gemologists who traveled to Governor Rhodes’ office to present an exhibit, chosen by state government officials. The exhibit also includes a signed and dated copy of the bill that made flint the official state gemstone.

“I ask you, as county commissioners and the general public, to help me make this important decision regarding this legacy of Seneca County. Along with the exhibit, I think there should be a written presentation about the role a citizen of Seneca County played in Ohio history,” he said, adding that he was open to suggestions on exhibit location. In other business, commissioners signed a proclamation recognizing the organization Cycling Without Age Seneca County which is hosting a 5K event at Hedges-Boyer Park in Tiffin on Saturday morning. The organization has worked to bring two ‘rickshaws’ to the county to allow residents of nursing homes and care centers to experience the joy of being outdoors and feeling the ‘wind on their hair.

The curators also received bids for two projects.

The 2022 Pavement Striping Project, with an engineer’s estimate of $112,641, received a bid from Griffin Pavement Striping of Fremont in the amount of $92,452.05.

The airport runway lighting project, with an engineer’s estimate of $362,964, received the following bids:

  • Jess Howard Electric of Blacklick for $395,212.70.
  • J Ranck Electric, of Mt. Pleasant, MI, for $480,073.25.
  • Vaughn Industries, of Carey, for $364,115.22

In new business, the board approved:

  • An additional appropriation of $117,779.71 for the expansion of the Victims of Crime Act to the Outgoing Transfers line.
  • Additional credits totaling $3,124.89 to the County Sewer District.
  • An additional credit of $1,442.33 to the Revolving Loan Fund for Contractual Services.
  • An additional credit of $1,326.89 to the General Fund for PERS.
  • An additional credit of $800,000 to the General Fund in the Outgoing Transfers line.
  • An additional appropriation of $18,939.81 to the Collaborative Justice and Mental Health Planning Fund for other expenses.
  • An additional $25,000 credit to the County Capital Projects Fund for work on the courthouse annex.
  • An additional $5,000 credit for the FY22 Selective Traffic Enforcement program.
  • Funds transferred to the Victims of Crime Act Grant Fund.
  • A cash advance reimbursement from the Selective Traffic Control Program Fund to the General Fund.
  • A contract with Henry W. Bergman, Inc. for the 2022 Chip Seal project. Last week, the company bid $687,694.60 for the project, which is to include upgrades on CR 8, 11, 18, 25, 28, 37, 44, 50, 56, 57, 60 and 90.
  • A contract with R&I Construction, Inc. for the superstructure prestressed box girder replacement project. Last week, the company offered $476,528.66 for the project, which is to include upgrades to TR 132, CR 49 and TR 8.
  • The 2023 Workers’ Compensation Group Retrospective Rate Plan Agreement between the county and the Ohio County Commissioners Association.