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Schartner Farms ordered to stop greenhouse construction


EXETER, RI (AP) – A farm in Rhode Island has been ordered to stop construction of a 26-acre greenhouse by zoning inspectors who said the farm attempted to bypass a zoning review.

Exeter Inspector Hal Morgan said he issued a cease and desist order at Schartner Farms last week because the farm missed a deadline to present documents showing why it believed the greenhouse project was exempt from a zoning review, the Providence Journal reported.

Owner Tim Schartner said the 1 million square foot greenhouse does not need city approval to continue construction because local ordinances in Exeter allow the construction of agricultural greenhouses “as of right.”

But Morgan said he disagreed and local ordinances are clear on what constitutes a permit-requiring structure and this project falls within those definitions.

If Schartner violates the cease and desist order, he faces a daily fine of $ 500, Morgan told the newspaper.

In the meantime, Schartner has said he has halted construction of the greenhouse due to supply shortages linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

City of Exeter officials said the Schartner Project will continue to be an issue for zoning and planning officials to resolve.