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Jan. 10, 2022

Rotork’s smart part-turn electric actuators have been installed at a number of gas expansion stations across Belgium to ensure reliable flow control, without releasing undesirable carbon dioxide emissions.


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Rotork collaborated in conjunction with Fluxys Belgium, which operates the pipeline network of 4,000 km as well as a liquefied natural gas terminal, and underground storage facilities in Belgium.

The IQT actuators specified control butterfly valves on boilers located at gas stations that are not manned. pressure-reducing stations, which lower natural gas’s pressure to allow it to flow through a pipeline that is operated at lower pressure, or be transferred to gas facilities. “An end-user. This process can cool natural gas, and thus will require preheating of the natural gas with boilers in order to keep the temperature of the downstream within a specific interval.

The actuators originally that were used in this case employed gas inside the pipelines as a method to control the flow, resulting in the unintentional venting of greenhouse gas emissions into the air. To prevent these emissions and decrease the footprint of Fluxys Belgium on the environment, Rotork Site Services and the Prodim agent in the area has installed electrical actuators. Valves control the gas flow during this process. The boilers now offer better controls, and are secured, and eliminate the harmful emissions produced by the previous pneumatic actuators.

Installing IQT actuators enabled exact flow controls, zero emissions, easy installation as well as diagnostics that ensured reliable operation. Rotork Site Services modernized the IQTs installed on valves in several locations, through the creation and construction of assembly kits, as well as on-site installation, commissioning and education offered in collaboration with Prodim.

IQT actuators are a part-turn variant of IQ3 actuators, which is Rotork’s line of smart electric actuators. They offer continuous tracking of the position throughout the day even with no power. They are explosion-proof in accordance with international standards and shielded from water infiltration.


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