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PUFF overwhelmed by recent support


The Pellatt United Firefighters and the Pellatt Community Center continue to see the generosity of residents.

PUFF recently received $3,520.00 for its Raise the Roof campaign. $1,520.00 was donated at the Laclu Snowmobile Poker Derby held in February, and two local families supported the initiative by donating $1,000.00 each.

Earlier this month, PUFF/PCC received a grant from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation totaling $216,113.00 to upgrade the facilities.

Mark Simkin, chairman of the board, Pellatt United Firefighters and Pellatt Community Center, said on social media that they would apply the funding to the following:

– New roof for PUFF/PCC
– Fire station ventilation system for the health and safety of our firefighters and first responders
– Improved training facilities for our firefighting team, which will also make PUFF an attractive location for general training and increase rental opportunities and revenue
– A rapid discharge water tank to shorten response times in the event of a fire
– Improvements to the entrance to the community center, for the safety of all community members
– Improved kitchen facilities in the community center, for use at community events and to increase rental opportunities
– Renovations to the pickleball court have already been completed, which has greatly increased the use of the community center

These upgrades will allow the non-profit organization to continue to provide emergency services and provide functional space for community activities, sports and recreation.

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