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Primos prepares for spring and summer events at the greenhouse | News


CADILLAC – What started as a way for Primos BBQ and Willow Market to adapt to COVID-19 dining regulations has now become a year-round event space. The Greenhouse is a beer garden style structure that can be used for live music, quiz nights and personal celebrations.

Owner Jason Towers said he wanted the greenhouse to feel like sitting outside, even in the off season. Cement has been poured and stamped to give it an old brick feel and to support the tables and chairs placed throughout.

Although geared towards events, it can also be used as a casual dining space. There are currently 10 taps installed, with more on the way, and Towers said they will be adding TVs soon.

“We’ve had live music the last two Fridays, so you can get your beer out, or you can buy beer inside and take it to the greenhouse. If you wanted to bring pizza, I’m not going to completely object to that,” he said. “So just this feeling of indoor and outdoor space, even though we’re still a bit in the middle of winter.”

A view of the Greenhouse crowd during a live music event. The space can accommodate up to 99 people, which leaves room for eating and dancing.

A series of recently added events are the Friday Live Concerts. Each week a different local band will entertain guests.

The greenhouse will open at 5 p.m., and Towers said the music will run from 6 to 8 p.m. For now, the closing time is 9 p.m., but he said the hours would change for the summer.

Greenhouse events aren’t exclusive to Primos and Willow Market; it can be rented out to people looking for smaller-scale event space, which Towers says is a growing need in the community.

“We made a few for Christmas parties around Christmas. We’ve done some where people have had training there, so different things have happened,” he said. “And it looks like we need a small event space in this city, not like the Wex, but like 100 people or less.”

Reception of the greenhouse has been positive so far, according to Towers. He said people reacted to the vibe they were trying to create in terms of design and some were looking to rent the space before it even opened.

Some all-ages activities available at the Greenhouse anytime are lawn games like Corn Hole and Giant Jenga. In addition to live Friday concerts, the venue will host trivia with Hot Traxx Entertainment every Wednesday night.

As the community continues to work during the COVID-19 pandemic, Towers said he recognizes some people may not be comfortable going out among larger crowds. He said having a venue that was large enough for people to enjoy, yet still had enough personal space, set the Greenhouse apart from other smaller venues.

Greenhouse Christmas Event

A Christmas event organized by Greenhouse. Towers said one of the main benefits of having the greenhouse is its year-round use, allowing it to fill the revenue gap from off-season tourism.

By remaining functional year-round, Towers said the greenhouse can fill some of the revenue gaps that typically occur during the winter, which he sees as a benefit to himself and the community.

“Anything we can get between New Years and May 1. It’s a tough time of year at Cadillac, so anything we can do to boost that is helpful,” he said. . “And we’ve kind of come to the end of this year with that, but I think by next year things will roll out.”

In the summer, weather permitting, the windows of the greenhouse can be opened, giving guests the feeling of being both inside and outside. Over the next week, Towers said they will be delivering greenery to make the venue look more like a real greenhouse.

Towers said there is currently no flat fee for renting the greenhouse and the cost can be determined on a case-by-case basis. More information about the Greenhouse, Primos BBQ and Willow Market can be found on their website. Upcoming events will be added to their The Facebook page.