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Preparing in advance is key, says Debbie’s Greenhouse


Late snow and cold temperatures have delayed the start of the gardening season a bit, but there are still things you can plan ahead to ensure you have the perfect garden this summer.

We spoke with local business owner Vince Schatkowsky of Debbie’s Greenhouse about what this year’s garden season will look like, what you can prepare for the season, and more tips for the perfect garden.

“It’s not a typical year, I looked at my diary from last year and [by this time] we had already been out and cleaning the yard and preparing the garden, and this year that’s just not possible,” Schatkowsky said.

“What people are doing this year is picking up their seeds and soil, getting their things ready to put in their gardens.”

Schatkowsky encourages people to start their plants at home so they’ll be ready for the garden once the weather cooperates. He said, “If you have a little corner in your house, you can put up lights and start some seeds. It’s a good way to get off to a good start. »

Schatkowsky noted that it’s too early to start discovering what outdoor plants you might have.

“If this was a typical year, we would be raking the grass, removing the layer of snow mold from the grass. We would cut back some of the perennials so that new growth can start to appear. We would also prune some of the shrubs.

He continued: ‘I’ve had a few calls from people and I guess the mice have started going into some of their favorite rose bushes. So maybe it’s time to start checking for damage [to your covered outdoor plants] and put bait for mice.

“We’ve been busy with seeds flying off the shelves and starter kits coming home with people a little impatient to get their seeds planted.”

Finally, we asked Schatkowsky about some of the perfect plants and flowers for this time of year.

He said, “Well, one flower that we use a lot for big projects is the zinnia. It is a flower that can take a lot of direct sunlight, it requires very little deadheading and maintenance throughout the summer, and it comes in many very bright colors.

According to Schatkowsky, deer don’t like to eat zinnias, making them the perfect flower for Kenora residents.

“If you want to get down to business, I probably spend more time preparing my soil and the soil for my gardens for the coming year…then once you get to the actual planting, the planting will fast enough .”

“The more time you spend keeping the solid fresh, adding new soil, adding more organic compost to your garden, the better.”

Schatkowsky said Debbie’s phone lines have been busy as the company encourages customers to call with any plant and garden questions.

“There are no silly questions, we tend to be on the phone a lot to answer questions.”

Debbie’s Greenhouse has been around since 1988, located on the Reddit Highway, Debbie’s Greenhouse is open most of the year to provide you with a variety of plants and an abundance of knowledge.