Home Ventilation system PPDS launches “air quality sensor” monitoring and reporting system – rAVe [PUBS]

PPDS launches “air quality sensor” monitoring and reporting system – rAVe [PUBS]

PPDS launches “air quality sensor” monitoring and reporting system – rAVe [PUBS]

PPDS (aka Philips) announced the launch of ‘Air Quality Sensor’, an air quality monitoring solution designed to help schools and businesses (including businesses, retail and hospitality) to create healthier and more productive work and learning environments, using Philips professional televisions, interactive displays and digital signage solutions. As part of PPDS’s new “Total Solutions” strategy, the PPDS Air Quality Sensor expands the role and benefits of its digital displays, bringing tremendous health and economic benefits.

Here is a video of how it works:

Connected and powered by a single USB cable and compatible with the latest Philips Professional PPDS TVs, digital signage and interactive displays including MediaSuite (hospitality), T-Line (education), C-Line (business), B-Line (food and beverage / business) and Q-Line (universal) – the PPDS air quality sensor plug-and-play solution includes four advanced sensors, which monitor air quality 24/7 7. The sensors are:

  • Temperature: Influences the rate of viral infection and has an impact on performance in the classroom or workplace
  • Humidity: Viral particles can remain highly infectious at humidity levels below 30% and above 55%
  • Carbon dioxide: CO2 is an excellent indicator of indoor air quality and good ventilation in a workspace or classroom
  • Particles: Higher levels of particle pollution may lead to increased risks of infections, not only COVID-19, but other viral diseases

Live data, whether for a PPDS air quality sensor in a single room or a single building or installations at multiple sites, is analyzed, translated and displayed in real time via a dashboard and an app. easily digestible. The app also has an indefinite archive of historical data available for in-depth data reporting and analysis.

ppdssWhenever air quality is found to be below a safety standard, automatic alerts will be issued, sent and displayed. The app will even make personalized recommendations on how to improve air quality based on its sensor readings, whether it’s something as simple as opening doors and windows, turning on lights air purifiers (if applicable), adjusting the temperature in the room, or even asking staff to temporarily move to other areas of the building or home.

Small in size, the PPDS air quality sensor can be easily and cleanly installed or attached to Philips professional displays in any environment, using a specially designed bracket and the mounting kit provided in the package. box.