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Paullina acquires an eight-unit complex | New


PAULLINA — There is a new place in Paullina that people can call home.

The old Wide View Nursing Home building at 423 N. Willow St. has been converted to an eight-unit condominium complex.

The developers of Prairie 8 Condos, Brian and Christine Feltman of Paullina, purchased the property in 2015. The retirement home closed in 2008.

The Feltmans, along with real estate agent Corey Elgersma from ISB Services Inc., hosted an open house at the condo complex on Tuesday, September 14 to allow the public to tour the site.

The Feltmans had the idea of ​​transforming the building into condo units a few years ago. Since then, they have been busy renovating the interior.

“They’ve changed a lot,” said Elgersma, who lists the condos.

The infrastructure changes included the layout of the eight condo units as well as the large common area in the center of the building. They also installed a sprinkler system and updated the wiring and heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

“They basically kept the hull and then reorganized all the functions and maintenance of the vessel,” Elgersma said.

Condos range in size from 811 square feet – which is the only one-bedroom unit – to 1,324 square feet. The larger units have two bedrooms.

Of the two finished units, one was sold earlier this year and has an occupant living there. The other six are nearing completion, although the plan is to give future buyers the flexibility to decide on some of the interior details of these spaces.

“Paint colors, cabinets, flooring – some people like rugs, some people like hardwood floors and things like that,” Elgersma said.

At the north-western end of the structure there are garages for one and two cars which will be made available to residents on a first come, first served basis. The building also has a basement that residents can use for storage.

Elgersma noted that the accommodations would be suitable for single-parent families although there is no particular age group for which the accommodations are designated.

The housing complex is owned by the Prairie 8 Condo Association, of which the Feltmans are members. The association will also be made up of future residents as more and more people buy and move into the available units.

When all units are sold, the Feltmans will no longer own the property and it will therefore be fully supervised by the residents.

“It’s a good management system so that everyone has a say in how things go,” Elgersma said.

“You vote for lawn care suppliers, snow removal suppliers or landscaping products or whatever. Nice to have it set up that way.

The condos become available at a time when the availability of housing was limited in Paullina and in towns of similar size. Elgersma spoke of the housing shortages prevalent in N’West Iowa as housing demand is on the rise thanks to low interest rates.

Another difficulty to the problem is rising construction costs amid the coronavirus pandemic, which hampered new housing development last year.

“There are towns that have lots that could be developed or should be developed, but we had a hard time finding developers or house builders, even individuals who want a contractor to build a house for them because the prices were higher, ”Elgersma said. .

There are usually four to ten houses on the market in Paullina. Over the past few weeks, ISB Services has sold around three homes it has listed.

“We were up to six to seven registrations and one of them closed the other day, one of them is going to close in a few weeks and three more are on hold this week,” Elgersma said. .

Brian said he was delighted that Prairie 8 Condos was ready for future buyers.

“This is my city, so I’m glad it’s working pretty well.”

This story first appeared in the September 18, 2021 print edition of The South O’Brien Sun.