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Ossoff proposes new solar tax credit to boost clean energy jobs in Georgia and the United States

Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff has said he wants to add a solar tax credit to a larger Biden administration infrastructure plan that is still under negotiation.

US Senator Jon Ossoff has said he will push for a new tax credit designed to quickly boost solar panel production in the United States.

The senator told reporters on Tuesday that his goal is to have Proposal later added to the broader infrastructure plan which continues to be the subject of bipartite negotiations behind the scenes, which focused on the scope of the package and how to pay for it.

“This legislation will bring more clean energy jobs to Georgia while creating tens of thousands of clean energy jobs across the country,” Ossoff said at a virtual press conference. “This will help make America energy independent and allow American manufacturers to compete with Chinese solar manufacturers, and it will accelerate our transition to clean, renewable energy sources.”

The massive Hanwha Q CELLS factory in Dalton was the largest solar panel factory in the Western Hemisphere when it officially opened in 2019.

Georgia is also increasing its stake in the clean energy sector in other ways. SK Innovation is building a $ 2.6 billion plant at Commerce that will produce batteries for Ford and Volkswagen electric vehicles and could employ 2,600 people when fully built.

“We have fallen behind our international competitors in producing this strategic technology,” Ossoff said. “This legislation creates a new tax credit that will boost solar panel production at every step of the supply chain, a supply chain currently dominated by Chinese manufacturers but expected to be dominated by US companies.”

Today, American companies have to import certain components from China and other countries.

“We don’t want to depend on Chinese monopolies to produce this technology,” Ossoff said. “That’s why we need to invest in stimulating US solar manufacturing. “

Scott Moskowitz, director of public affairs at Q CELLS America and a board member of the Georgia Solar Energy Association, called the proposal a “huge, huge deal” for the US solar industry and said it would help long-term, large-scale investments in manufacturing. .

“The credits are specifically designed to reduce the cost of solar generation, enable scale and incentivize innovation,” he said. “Ultimately, this would cause the United States to produce enough solar products to meet its own demands and be competitive globally. This bill will go a long way in consolidating Georgia’s status as the hub of clean energy manufacturing in America. “

An estimated cost for the tax credit is not available at this point in the process, according to Ossoff’s office.