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ORDA Board of Directors Welcomes New Member, Thanks Employees | News, Sports, Jobs


Left to right, ORDA Board Chair Kelly Cummings, CEO Michael Pratt and Board Member Cliff Donaldson applaud ORDA staff for overcoming the coronavirus pandemic in a meeting from the board of directors on Friday. (Business photo – Elizabeth Izzo)

LAKE PLACID – The Board of Directors of the National Olympic Regional Development Authority welcomed a new member to its ranks on Friday, approved a list of contracts and equipment purchases, and thanked ORDA employees for their work during the coronavirus pandemic.

The ORDA Board of Directors met at the Mountain Pass Lodge of the Mount Van Hoevenberg Olympic Sports Complex for the first time in person since March 2020.

The new ORDA board member is Frank Cardinale, representing Ulster County. Cardinale was chairman of the Ulster County Democratic Committee. He replaces Thomas Keegan, who died in May of a heart attack at the age of 50.

The Board of Directors passed a resolution thanking ORDA staff for their work throughout the pandemic and approved a one-year contract renewal with Centerplate for concession services at ORDA sites. .

The board of directors also approved a change order of $ 215,000, bringing the total estimated cost of the improvements to Mount Van Hoevenberg carried out by the Pike Company to more than $ 33.3 million. The company, during the excavation work of the foundations of the new Mountain Pass Lodge, found “Unsuitable soils” in the building footprint that required them to remove and replace the soil with an engineered structural backfill, according to ORDA documents.

The council also authorized ORDA to purchase new snowmaking equipment and snow groomers.

Placid old hospital

Regarding the upcoming demolition of the old Placid Hospital and the construction of ORDA’s new office building on Church Street, ORDA CEO Michael Pratt said on Friday that “both are imminent.”

“The demolition, we had to get the administrative authorizations for the abatement and everything else finalized, but that, just after July 4, should start”, he said.

After the demolition of the hospital, ORDA plans to ask the contractors to build a steel frame for the new administrative building of ORDA, to carry out construction works and utilities installations, to install a fire protection system, install water and sewer lines, install heating and air conditioning equipment and set up electrical services and duct systems to supply the building.

Pratt said ORDA has already ordered the steel for the new office building, but the authority is not under “So much time in a hurry” to finish this.

ORDA is also considering having a contractor install new surfacing on the US Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, which is owned by ORDA but operated by the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee. The contractor would also be asked to install new walls and ceilings, windows and doors, as well as modernize the ventilation systems and replace the fire protection system.

ORDA’s board of directors has authorized the authorization to spend approximately $ 23.1 million for the demolition of the old Placid hospital, the construction of the new office building and the modernization of the Olympic training center and neighboring Paralympic before the 2023 World University Winter Games.

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