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Low Profile 5-Axis Air Bearing Motion System for Semiconductor and Laser Processing | News


SAN FRANCISCO, February 16, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — PI showcased a new high-performance 5-axis air-cushion motion system at the recent SPIE Photonics West event, the world’s largest photonics conference, perfectly located in the backyard of the Silicon Valley. Suitable for high-end motion control and positioning applications with nanometer precision, such as required in semiconductor front-end/back-end processes (wafer processing operation and assembly process), the system low-profile multi-axis stage motion system is based on a combination of PI’s successful A-311 PIglide XY planar air bearing stage, the unique low-profile A-532, Z-stage 3-axis Tip-Tilt and the A-826, a high-performance 6-axis industrial motion controller.

Applications of the 5 axis air bearing stage include:

  • Indexing, positioning
  • Wafer/substrate testing and inspection
  • Scanning, metrology
  • ACS-based alignment solutions for production testing and packaging needs
  • Direct-write lithograph
  • µLED manufacturing
  • Clean room applications

XYZ-Theta-X-Theta-Y system specifications include: 300 x 300 mm linear travel, 5 mm Z travel, 2° rotation θX, θY, nanometer resolution. A video of the system in motion is available here.

Why air bearings?

Compared to mechanical, roller or ball bearing linear and rotary stages, air bearings are frictionless and wear-free and generate no particles during operation, making them cleanroom compatible and ideal for industrial applications. dynamic 24/7 automation. In an air bearing, the moving platform slides on a thin film of air. This principle is also responsible for the averaging effect which dramatically improves geometric performance such as straightness and flatness in linear motion applications while reducing runout and wobble in rotary tables.

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PI’s in-house engineered solutions have enabled customers around the world to increase their productivity and technological advantage for 5 decades. With a broad base of proven motion technologies and methodologies, PI is able to quickly modify existing designs or provide a completely custom OEM solution to meet your exact application requirements, from piezo sensors and transducers to nano- microscope focus, fast photonics alignment systems to multi-axis automation subsystems.

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PI is a privately held company that designs and manufactures world-class precision motion and automation systems, including air bearings, hexapods, and piezoelectric drives at North America, Europeand Asia. The company was founded 5 decades ago and today employs over 1300 people worldwide. PI’s customers are leaders in high-tech industries and research institutes in fields such as photonics, life sciences, semiconductors and aerospace.

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