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LETTER: “Climate change” is political | Letters to the Editor


Far too many people are already convinced that “climate change” will kill us all in the next five, 10, 50 or 100 years if we don’t immediately stop using all of our current technologies that use any form of fossil fuel. fuel and any chemical process that emits CO2.

This “scientific fact” has been challenged by many well-informed people who then find themselves on the wrong side of the all-powerful media machine geared towards political propaganda and may find themselves “cancelled” and out of work for challenging media certainty policies that climate change the problem is a closed case.

I would like to recommend two books that I read recently that may open some closed minds on this issue. One is by S. Fred Singer and others entitled “Hot Talk, Cold Science: Global Warming‘s Unfinished Debate”, and a second by Gregory Wrightstone entitled “Inconvenient Facts”, a counter-response to “Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore.

These two books, which Google’s “fact checkers” have discredited, refer to thousands of papers by more than 17,000 scientists who are not at all convinced by popular studies that show a near or even future calamity that could occur due to “climate change“. ” caused by the activity of humanity on this planet.

An argument can be made that we are facing a future ice age similar to those of the distant past that covered much of the Midwest with a thick layer of glacial ice. Such an event would be a world-changing catastrophe. Moderate “global warming“, on the other hand, could lead to significant benefits such as a longer growing season in much of North America and Russia with greater food production for the world’s population. in expansion.

General distrust of media reporting on any “science” has been justified by confusion over COVID, with even greater confusion over global warming, or is it cooling? As an engineer who has worked on various energy projects, I wish there could be an honest and open debate, without the influence of politics, but I have yet to see such a proposal that has not yet decided on the end result and will bend all the rules to make sure those with the loudest voices get what they want.

In any case, my reading and my personal experience are enough to convince me that the outlandish proposals adopted by the left pessimists of the Biden administration could only disrupt our economy and create more inflation, erode our freedom of choice and creating many social problems while doing nothing to change whatever happens to our climate due to natural events such as solar flares, volcanic activity and so on.

I am not against the movement towards less pollution in the air and water, but they must be made taking into account the economic and social impact of these measures. Electric vehicles with the range and power of current combustion engines will be welcome on the market as the price becomes more competitive, without government subsidies, for example.

With the fear of the COVID pandemic ending, it seems the doomsayers can’t wait to impose the next “you-all-are-going-to-die” fear on us to keep us from opposing government mandates that take away our freedoms guaranteed by the founders of this American republic.