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Jack My Dutch Greenhouse Tour


Jack Ma, known as the founder of Ali Baba, and his business partner David Yu traveled to the Netherlands on Monday for research in the horticulture sector. The organizers of the reception, Pierre Bell and Jiayan Cai of the Flexibell Systems group, talk about a successful visit and thank the hosting companies: World Horti Center, Growers United, Rijk Zwaan, Anthura, and Dutch Sino Business Promotions, as well as the translator Van der Knaap’s Liu Mao (China manager).

Horti World Center
At the World Horti Center, Aad Verduijn explained to Jack Ma the function of the center as a link between practice and education and as a platform to share greenhouse horticultural developments with a wide audience. Jack Ma visited various exhibitor booths including those of Van der Knaap, Boal Systems and Holland Gaas. At the same time, they also discovered several leading companies in the Netherlands in the field of agriculture.

United producers
Growers United is one of the largest producer unions in the Netherlands, made up of 56 cooperatives. The producers’ association has a plantation area of ​​600 hectares, including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants.

Jack Ma visited the company’s latest automated packaging production line and asked about its daily and annual packaging volume, as well as some industry-related information. Jack Ma said their vegetable productions are amazing and mentioned that China aims to have the same logistics system in the future.

Rijk zwaan
Rijk Zwaan is a family-owned vegetable breeding company from the Netherlands. It was founded in 1924 and has a history of almost 100 years. There are more than 20 R&D and breeding stations and more than 30 overseas branches in different climatic zones of the world, with products in more than 100 countries of the world.

During the visit, Rens Knieriem, Weiping Mao and Paul Simmonds from Rijk Zwaan presented their global activities and business development in China to Jack Ma, who admired Rijk Zwaan’s achievements and contributions to agriculture global and Chinese. After the meeting, Jack Ma and his partners tasted some of Rijk Zwaan’s products, such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

Coordinated by Dutch Sino Business Promotions, Jack Ma and his partners visited the Anthura floriculture company, specializing in orchids and anthurium as their last stop in the Netherlands. Anthura delivers young plant material to more than 70 countries around the world.

Mr. Marco van Herk, Board of Directors, and Mr. Sander Smeding, General Manager of China, presented the overall development and activities of the company in China to Mr. Ma and his delegation and accompanied them to visit the experience center. Mr. Ma praised Anthura’s business mission of developing innovative and sustainable products from customers’ perspective to achieve the most efficient production and sale of orchids and anthurium flowers. .

Sino Dutch business promotions
Dutch Sino Business Promotions (DSBP) was founded in 2006 in Rotterdam. Over the years, the company has made a name for itself in the sectors, and in 2017, DSBP opened its China office in Shanghai. DSBP is committed to facilitating and bringing together Dutch and Chinese companies, organizations and government agencies to achieve its business development goals as well as the expansion of its international network.

The international project team has various expertise and skills in the areas of focus, government relations, horticultural agriculture and environmental resource management. Since 2013, DSBP has served as the Chinese office in Zuid Holland province, providing strategic consulting, mission organization and cooperation services.

DSBP hopes to strengthen Sino-Dutch relations in the above-mentioned sectors and continue to deliver tangible results to customers.

Jiayan Cai, Jack Ma and Pierre Bell

Flexibell Systems Group
A happy day began at the World Horti Center, where Jack Ma and David Yu arrived for a quick visit and a guided tour by Arie Verduijn. After an introduction of some well known systems like Van der Knaap, BOAL systems, Holland Gaas and many others, the group visited the demonstration greenhouse.

Pierre Bell, Chairman of the Flexibell Systems Group, said: “A very lucky day today to have such an inspiring and intelligent man as Jack Ma as a guest, along with his business partner David Yu. Jiayan Cai (co- founder of Flexibell China) said: “Knowing the ideas and visions of Jack Ma, we can only envision a successful future for greenhouse horticulture activities between China and the Netherlands.”

Flexibell Greenhouse Systems Group, among which Flexibell Systems BV, is a greenhouse materials producer, designer, engineer, consultant and trainer who mainly focuses on China and its demand for quality food and flower production. Together with Flexibell’s strategic business partner, Haofeng Food Group (which is part of CNBM Group) with their head office in Qingdao, China, thanks the companies involved for a successful visit.

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