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Hospital on track – South Gippsland Sentinel-Times


State Premier Daniel Andrews made a surprise visit to Wonthaggi Hospital last Friday with Bass MP Jordan Crugnale.
The prime minister gave a quick tour of the new $115million hospital, seeing the more than 200 workers building the new emergency department, four theater operating suites, the central recovery and sterilization area, a combined ward of surgery and pediatrics with 32 beds and the new radiology station.
The hospital is expected to have the capacity to treat an additional 26,000 emergency patients each year.
The Wonthaggi Hospital expansion is due to be handed over to BCH in November this year to help bring the areas into operation before Christmas, with the whole project expected to be completed in early 2023.
BCH is also expanding its workforce with a major recruitment program underway.
According to BCH, over the past five years, the state-funded contribution to BCH has grown from $42 million in 2016/17 to $77 million in 2021/22, with a large portion going towards expanding Workforce.
The number of employees has increased from 700 in 2016 to more than 1000 currently, and over the next two years, with more growth and more services, BCH expects the number of employees to increase by 100 people. or more.
“It took years of planning, great commitment from the community members and staff who helped with the design, the Victorian Health Building Authority, Kane Construction and the wide range of expert consultants working with our own installations team,” said Jan Child, CEO of BCH. said.
MP for Jordan Crugnale added that working with Ms Child has been a great partnership in securing additional funding for ‘Pandemic Proof’ the new building, with new design features incorporated based on learnings in the sector over the two last years.
This includes significant changes to ventilation systems to reduce any risk of cross-infection from airborne viruses.
“We were fortunate enough to make these changes during construction rather than modernizing them at a later date and we are extremely proud that this massive expansion of our hospital will allow our local community and visitors to benefit from a building of first class, where they can continue. to receive our first class service,” Ms. Crugnale added.
“Friday was a wonderful opportunity for the Prime Minister and I to meet many doctors, nurses, paramedics, cleaners, porters, administrative staff from all areas including emergency, dental, integrated cancer care , maternity and hospitalizations.
“Staff spoke of their personal experiences and the Premier acknowledged the quality of their care, dedication, professionalism and fatigue, as well as how the stress on the system had personally affected staff and their families.”