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Holly Robinson Peete calls Air Canada after her sons turn down the flight


Holly Robinson Peete’s teenage sons were denied boarding on an Air Canada flight for allegedly being unable to present payment method for the reservation, and now the actor wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“Excuse me Air Canada, but you have an explanation to give! »Peete wrote on Twitter October 4. “My sons were just refused to get on the plane and travel because they could not present our credit card which paid for the tickets. One of them is a minor and now they are stranded at the airport!

Two of the Peets had visited her in British Columbia, where she was filming the upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie “A Christmas trip, “and were going home without her, when they were turned away.

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The actor said she flew hundreds of times with Air Canada between Los Angeles and Vancouver, where she shot “21 Jump Street” years ago, and has never been asked to produce the form of payment before.

“The elephant in the room is, you know, yeah, they’re two black boys traveling alone,” Peete told Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News, who identified her sons as 16 and 19.

Air Canada told USA TODAY that business class tickets were reported by the airline’s impartial off-property fraud prevention team.

“Sometimes legitimate transactions require additional verification when the booking is made in an unusual manner, such as overseas purchases made outside of Canada for last minute trips and these are identified by our anti- automated fraud, ”the airline said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the purchase was not validated in time for customers to travel.”

Peete, who is married to former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete, Said she had to accommodate her sons in a nearby hotel out of pocket because no other flight was available until the next day, when they finally returned home.

“They shouldn’t have had to face this – no one should”, Peete tweeted, adding that she did not believe the airline’s excuse.

Monday morning, she said, “I don’t want this to ever happen to another mother’s children” and I wanted the airline to recognize the “serious customer service failure.”

The airline told USA TODAY, “We have followed up with the customer as we recognize it caused some inconvenience.”