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Greenhouse vegetable auction prices fall further, below five-year average


The sharp decline in greenhouse vegetable prices in the week after Easter continued, with the exception of eggplant, in week 17. Prices fell below the five-year average. This is shown by the new figures from the Belgian Federation of Horticultural Cooperatives. The fall in the Easter price is also reflected in the figures for the European tomato.

The price of loose tomatoes halved in week 17, as had already happened for vine tomatoes. The price per kilo of loose tomatoes in week 17 amounted to just over 61 euro cents. The average price of vine tomatoes was higher, but at 78 euro cents it was also below the five-year average. The volume of vine tomatoes in particular was still significantly lower than last year.

Figures compiled by the European Commission up to and including week 16 show that the drop in tomato prices after Easter was almost universal. Among the few exceptions are a stable price of cherry tomatoes in the Czech Republic, a slight increase in the price of vine tomatoes in Greece and Italy and an increase in the price of bulk round tomatoes in Greece, all in week 16. With an average price drop of 21% compared to week 15, the drop in the price of bulk round tomatoes is the most significant.

The average price of cucumbers also fell again. Over week 17 as a whole, an average unit price of just under 13 euro cents remains. Here too, the price is below average, although a look at the figures from previous years shows that prices usually start to increase slightly from week 18.

Pepper prices are not so good either. While the price of green peppers increased further in week 16, prices fell overall in week 17. At just under 1.16 euros per kilo, green peppers remain the most profitable. The yellow and red peppers were sold last week at prices per kilo of just over 50 euro cents. Half the price compared to week 16.

Eggplant, lettuce and strawberry
As mentioned, only aubergines emerged relatively unscathed in terms of lower auction prices in week 17. At just over 60 euro cents per kilo, the price of aubergines rose slightly.

In week 16, the lettuce varieties had a stroke of luck. Last week lettuce was also affected and prices fell across the board. Once again, it is a kilo of Lollo Rossa from the greenhouse that yields the most.

With regard to strawberries, we also see that the average prices have decreased for this product. Overall, the average price remains at just under 2.25 euros per kilo. Sonata earns the most.

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