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GlobalFoundries embarks on a journey to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%


Article by: GlobalFoundries

GF’s “Journey to Zero Carbon” initiative reinforces its commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing operations.

GlobalFoundries (GF) has announced its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% from 2020 to 2030, as the company expands its global manufacturing capacity. Building on GF’s history of environmental responsibility and continuous reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, this new ‘Journey to Zero Carbon’ initiative reinforces the company’s commitment to manufacturing operations sustainable and environmentally friendly.

To achieve the goal of an absolute 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, GF will apply a variety of approaches and investments tailored to its global industrial footprint. These approaches include improving controls on manufacturing emissions, improving energy efficiency, and sourcing renewable and low-carbon energy. The 25% reduction target encompasses all of GF’s factories and will include its newest factory currently under construction in Singapore.

“We recognize that climate change is an unprecedented global challenge, and Journey to Zero Carbon is GF’s commitment to grow responsibly and significantly reduce our emissions,” said the CEO of GF. Tom caulfield. “GF has a proven track record of environmentally responsible manufacturing and operations, and Journey to Zero Carbon is the next natural step we need to take. It’s the right thing to do for our business, for our global team, and for our planet.

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GF’s Journey to Zero Carbon initiative supports the goals of the Paris Agreement, which calls for significant reductions by 2030 on the path to global ‘Net Zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 GF’s announcement is aligned with the company’s “Journey to Zero” efforts aimed at workplace safety and environmental responsibility.

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