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Gina Rinehart warns of ‘propaganda’ in student climate denial video


In the 16-minute video posted on her personal website, Ms Rinehart said she hoped St Hilda “would stand firm against propaganda that interferes with genuine education and rational thought”.

Gina Rinehart looked back on her studies from the early 1960s to explain climate change.

She asked the student to “do her own independent research” on “which comes first, global warming or increased carbon?”

The iron ore heiress ended her rejection of climate science by calling on schoolgirls to ask “why is the media in general and those with influence now calling for carbon reduction?” “

“Please be very careful with information disseminated on an emotional basis, or related to money, ego or power seekers,” Ms. Rinehart said.

The Old Maid of St Hilda went on to praise French physicist Marie Curie’s use of the scientific approach and leadership of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Ms. Rinehart approvingly cites the great physicist and Nobel Laureate Marie Curie for her commitment to the scientific process, but completely rejects the unequivocal discovery in global physics that global warming is due to our emissions of gases. greenhouse effect, ”said Dr Hare.


“She also quotes Margaret Thatcher with approval, which is particularly egregious as she would have had no truck with Rinehart’s arguments.”

Dr Hare said Ms Thatcher was the first world leader to fully recognize the threat posed by climate change and said that, unless reduced, it would cause “irreparable damage to the atmosphere, the oceans, the world. the earth itself “.

A spokeswoman for St Hilda said Ms Rinehart had been invited to speak to the school’s 125th anniversary gathering about her business experiences and her family’s ties to the school.

Ms Rinehart was unable to attend, so she sent a pre-recorded video and only the first five minutes that “did not include a specific message on climate change” were shown.

The spokesperson said that climate science education in St Hilda follows the guidelines of the WA School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

A spokesperson for Ms Rinehart declined to comment.

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