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Gas and electricity bills to be cleared from November 1


Compensation for gas and electricity bills will be applied from November 1, both for domestic and non-domestic consumers, because SMEs and small businesses must also be taken into account, Prime Minister Florin said on Thursday. Citu.

“Right now, I want to make sure that what we’re doing on the compensation side is quick, simple, and doesn’t involve the consumer too much. And here I want to be very clear, I am talking about the household and non-domestic consumer, because it is also about SMEs and small businesses, which do not have the same bargaining power as a large company. We are therefore talking about the domestic and non-domestic consumer. The solutions will be for both categories and we will have this solution as quickly as possible, so that it comes into force on November 1, ”explained Citu, during the online debate“ Capping versus Compensation. The saving solution for the topic of the moment: electricity and natural gas bills, ”hosted by DC News.

The Prime Minister declared that this compensation must be “a good product, simple, transparent”, which will be used this winter, but also in the future for “other exceptional situations”.

“The compensation is moving forward, from November 1 to May 31, there is no discussion here,” Citu added.

According to him, there will be around 5.3 million households, or nearly 10,000,000 people.

The Prime Minister also advised caution in the event of a possible price cap on electricity and gas, as Romania is a producer of electricity and gas, but he must ensure that this does not affect not corporate investment plans. But, he added, if the European Union decides to cap prices, Romania will do the same.