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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp invites you to tropical island paradise in July


If you’re looking to have fun in the sun, head over to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. For July, the game takes everyone to Tropical Island Paradise with plenty of events.

Let’s start with July’s Happy Homeroom. As in previous months, players can practice their interior decorating skills with the items they collected this month. The two themes are Endless Poolside Paradise and Summer Resort Vacation. The designs submitted by players are rated by Lottie and his friends. Those who are successful are awarded HH material as well as HH Furniture Puzzle Medals.

Seasonal event

With Happy Homeroom out of the way, let’s see what other events are available this month. There are actually two seasonal events.

The first is Tropical Island Paradise made up of different events available around the campsite, and participating allows players to collect tropical bouquets. Players can also earn items like Tropical Mini Island, Coconut Juice, and Hibiscus Aloha Shirt.

The second seasonal event is Kapp’n’s Summer Resort Vacation. For this one, players must plant hibiscus in the garden of their campsite. Once the flowers hatch, this will attract the dashflaps. Players must collect these creatures and bring them to Kapp’n for various rewards like a Station Hut, Station Water Arch, or Living Station Inner Tube.

Other events

So what else is happening this month? Take the time to fish and catch those special tournament fish like opah and great white sharks in Fishing Tourney. Rewards to be won include BBQ vegetable skewers, a BBQ camp tent, and a cozy campfire table.

Collect greenhouse gyroid in Greenhouse Scavenger Hunt and earn items like greenhouse hammock, greenhouse mat, and greenhouse rattan chair.

Finally, we have O’Hare’s Pool Cookie. Get each of the O’Hare’s Pool Cookies which contain interesting game items, such as a lazy river in pool paradise, a set of poolside umbrellas, or even the hibiscus float.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a mobile game where players explore nature and make friends. They also collect cool items to build the campsite of their dreams.