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2 NEW Notorious Russian Air Defense Systems for Ships


These missile systems will be able to shoot down the last remaining missiles and low-flying targets approaching ships directly above the water’s surface, even during the most severe storms.

The anti-aircraft missile system ‘Resource’, presented for the first time by the Almaz-Antey company of the East Kazakhstan region as part of the international naval show ‘MVMS-2021’ in early July 2021 in St. Petersburg, is capable of hitting any target attacking the ship it is mounted on with a single missile. This was announced by the Deputy Director of the Scientific and Technical Center of Altaïr (which is part of the Almaz NGO of the Almaz-Antey concern of the East Kazakhstan region) Sergey Pavlov at the military exhibition.

According to him, the Resource air defense system is unique for its compact modular composition and high efficiency.

“The complex is developing a flight task for the rocket, directing it towards the target area; the rocket in this area independently searches for the target, pointing it at it and beating it. Any on-board detection radar having sufficient characteristics for accurate tracking of aerial targets is capable of providing the complex with a target control system for destruction, ”Pavlov said.

The representative of the concern noted that the resource complex under development for the Russian Navy has passed a full test cycle. All the characteristics that have been defined in the task are confirmed. From now on, the SAM is undergoing a pilot operation as part of the armament of the Navy corvettes and will be one of the main air defense systems of the Navy.

“The Resource complex is equipped with two types of missiles: with an aerial target range of up to 28 kilometers and up to 10 kilometers, respectively,” the specialist noted.

At the same time, he stressed that the minimum height to hit an air target is only five meters, while the maximum height is 20 kilometers.

According to the representative of the concern, this SAM is proposed for installation on modern surface vessels.

The complex can fire up to five targets simultaneously. The complex’s missiles launch vertically and have no separable parts.

‘Resource’ is the latest anti-aircraft missile system for the protection of ships. Yet at the end of 2019, Almaz-Antey presented another artillery air defense system for ships, which had already been combat tested in battle with ISIS militants in Syria.

Trousers for ships

“Pantsir-ME” is a marine analogue of the famous “Pantsir-S1” anti-land missile complex.

It is an artillery system designed for naval battles to intercept enemy missiles and other projectiles during rains, winds, waves and even storms.

It is compact and covered with an anti-corrosion shell to withstand constant water pressure and rust.

The biggest difference between the sea and land versions of the system is in its internal part – the system created for ships shoots down missiles flying over a reflective water surface that typically hides the trajectories of anti-missile systems projectiles.

Another difference between the land and sea versions is their rate of fire. A land base fires up to 4,800 artillery shells per minute, while a sea base can fire nearly 10,000 per minute.

The sea monster can simultaneously shoot down up to four targets flying above the surface.

“The two systems will go hand in hand and work in pairs to shoot down large and small targets at sea. It will focus on jets, missiles and bombers, while the“ Pantsir ”will target smaller targets or projectiles. who managed to outdo the “resource missiles”, explains Viktor Murakhovsky, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Domestic Arsenal”.

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